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This NFB Blindmath Listserv has been up and running since September 2006. This has been a very active listserv with a worldwide audience and many contributors. This listserv’s archives are now so colossal that it is difficult to track or locate specific information contained in it.

As a service to visitors of NFB’s Blindscience website, we are collecting the best and most useful items from the Blindmath Archives. If you have not been a regular participant of Blindmath, but would like to start, may we suggest that you begin by familiarizing yourself with the items on this page.

Topics will be arranged accordingly in these broad subject areas:

Each of these topics contains a linked list of subjects (threads of queries and responses) from the archives. If you are interested in a particular subject, simply select that link to get to the subject itself.

We’ve attempted to select items that would have the broadest general interest. This means that subjects on more advanced topics may not appear in these gems. We are also trying to provide introductory material to those who are not familiar with the given subject area. We apologize in advance to anyone who finds this material too elementary.
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We hope that our selection will stimulate further discussion in the listserv about each of these topics. You may also want to read material from the archives which we have not included here. To subscribe to the Blindmath listserv, please visit:
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Al Maneki