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Touch the Invisible Sky Book Launch

Astronomer Noreen Grice holds a copy of her new Braille-print book, Touch the Invisible SkyOn January 15, 2008, the National Federation of the Blind hosted the book launch of Touch the Invisible Sky, a Braille-print book featuring spectacular tactile graphics.  The sixth book by astronomer Noreen Grice, co-authored by NASA scientists Simon Steel and Doris Daou, uses images from different telescopes that detect light in various wavelengths and shows how the images they create can vary.

During the launch event, attendees were able to visit various stations based on the science covered in the book, such as a multi-wavelength activity station.  After participating in the activities, attendees listened to a panel of speakers, including the three authors and NFB president Marc Maurer. 

For more information regarding the book and the event, view the media coverage:A student learns about the parts of a telescope with the help of co-author Simon Steel.

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