Abraham Nemeth


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Please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your childhood.

What was grade school and high school like in New York City?

Where did you go to college?

What was your college experience like?

As a psychology major, how did you pursue your interest in math?  When did you decide to become a math teacher?

How did you manage to get through the higher mathematics courses without a way to write it down?

What other barriers did you encounter during your schooling?

Were potential employers concerned about your blindness?  How did you dispel their concerns?

When did you decide that the Nemeth Code was needed?

Has the Nemeth Code been revised?  Where does the Code stand now?

What advice would you have for students who want to pursue careers in math and science?

How should students deal with the perceptions of others and people telling them that they can't do something?

Dr Nemeth tells two stories: one about how he built an amatuer radio and one about a student who lived with him and his wife at the University of Detroit.