Henry 'Hoby' Wedler

I am a blind doctoral student studying computational organic chemistry at the University of California, Davis.

As a blind student, I always wondered if a career in science would work out. As such, I received undergraduate degrees in both chemistry and United States history. I was ready to submit my applications to graduate school in history when I met computational organic chemistry professor Dean Tantillo, who is now my graduate school advisor. Dean was willing to work with me and other group members to make the laboratory nearly completely accessible. I joined Dean’s group in the summer of 2009 as an undergraduate researcher. I enjoyed it so much that I applied and was accepted to graduate school at UC Davis.

My goal with my chemistry education is to teach chemistry and give back to both the blind and sighted communities. All too often, blind and sighted students alike are told that chemistry is difficult and very daunting. My goal as a chemistry instructor is to make science and particularly chemistry interesting, exciting, and challenging rather than scary. This is what we have done with the California Chemistry Camp and at Youth Slam and I hope to have a long future working with the NFB’s Blind Science project.

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